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# with yarn
yarn add @yeger/page-views

# or with npm
npm install @yeger/page-views

# or with pnpm
pnpm add @yeger/page-views


Automatic Submission

PageViews.autoSubmitViews() will submit a view of the current page and listen for client-side navigation events to submit those as well. Ideally, you should call this function in the entry-point of your application.


In order to achieve automatic submitting, the function history.pushState will be augmented to fire a custom event loationchange. As outlined in this StackOverflow answer, there's currently no other way to achieve this.


It is safe to call PageViews.autoSubmitViews() multiple times, as consecutive calls will have no effect.

Manual Submission

PageViews.submitView() can be used to manually submit a view. Its main use-case are static pages without client side navigation. As such, it should be called in the entry-point of your pages.

However, automatic submission is recommended over manual submission.

Fetching Page Views

PageViews.getViews() will resolve to the views of the current page.

Custom Pages

As an optional second argument, both PageViews.submitView() and PageViews.getViews() can receive a string that will be submitted instead of the current page.

Released under the MIT License.