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The functions PageViews.autoSubmitViews(), PageViews.submitView() and PageViews.getViews() receive an optional configuration as their first argument. This configuration will be merged with the default configuration seen below.

const defaultConfig: Config = {
  backendUrl: '',
  filter: () => true,
  throttle: 86400000, // == 1 day
  trackPopState: false,


  • Type: string
  • Default:

This is the URL of the backend that will be used for aggregating a view counter.

You may use the provided backend instance, self-host an instance, deploy an instance on Railway (by clicking the button below) or even use a custom backend that adheres to the schema used.

Deploy on Railway


  • Type: (page: string) => boolean
  • Default: () => true

The filter function is called before a page view is submitted. It can be used to exclude specific pages from being submitted.


  • Type: number | false
  • Default: 86400000

The throttle property decides if clients should throttle submitting repeated views of a page. If set to false, every single view will be submitted. Otherwise, the value will is used as a timeout (in milliseconds) for submitting a page view again.


To achieve this, the library will create localStorage items for each submitted page with a timestamp of the submission. The prefix is used to prevent key collisions.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

If this option is set to true, PageViews.autoSubmitViews() will also submit views on popstate events, i.e., back-navigation.

Released under the MIT License.